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RF Filter Forum

How to read RF Filter spec value ?

If you don't understand RF Bandpass Filter Spec and Performance, but you need to compare and find out what Filter Spec value is suitable for your design, you could refer to the following curve to define your filter spec according to Temwell Spec base. 


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How to make self tuning into RF Bandpass Filter?

Helical bandpass filter has a great feature over other kinds of filters,which is self tuning function for slight adjustment. But, how to do so,let me show you some tip. 



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What is RF Bandpass Filter Learning kit?

In your RF design program, always lack of enough material in RF Filter. Temwell free learning kit is as the best developing kit with the most flexible spec filters and low cost to you. See the detail.



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Toko Alternative Helical Filter

Do you have trouble about not being able to buy Toko's helical filters inventory on the market? From now on, you don't have to worry about it. Temwell especially provides alternative helical filters for Toko helical filters user. See the detail.



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